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      Our recruitment information is posted on the following websites:




      Please login to the website for enquiries.



      Guangdong ABT INdustrial Co.,Ltd

              Guangdong ABT INdustrial Co.,Ltd is located in Qingxi town of Guangdong city.Since our company has established,Guangdong ABT INdustrial Co.,Ltd have accumulated over 20 years'experience of R&D and production. Guangdong ABT INdustrial Co.,Ltd possess a number of high-tech elites, including over 30 engineers, over 20 advanced managing talents, over 30 quality control talents. Guangdong ABT INdustrial Co.,Ltd over 700 workers in our factory with 20,000 square meters’ area; we have 8 production lines and advanced and complete test equipments. Guangdong ABT INdustrial Co.,Ltd main products are MINI-ITX Power Supply,PC power Supply,Switching Power Supply, AC/DC adapters,Battery Charger,Mini-ITX Computer Case which had been passed certificates of CB, UL, FCC, CE, TUV-GS, C-tick, PSE, EK BSMI and CCC etc. Meanwhile, all products have been compliant to ROHS standards. Our brands are: ABT





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