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      45W Energy Star Ⅵ 9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter

      9V5A ac-dc adapter 9V5A ac-dc adapter
      9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter with high reliability,45W Energy Star Ⅵ Compliant 9V5A AC-DC Adapter has high reliability.DC 9V 5A Power Supply Adapter, AC 100-240V to DC 9V


      AC-DC Adapter 9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter Dc Power Jack: (On request)


      DC PlugDC PlugDC PlugDC PlugDC PlugDC Plug

      DC PlugDC PlugDC PlugDC PlugDC PlugDC Plug

      AC-DC Adapter 9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter Product Description :


      [Brand]:ABT  (Accept OEM ODM Order)
      [Input Voltage]:AC 100-240V/47-63 Hz
      [Output Voltage]:DC 9V5A
      [Color]:White / Black(On request)
      [Safety Certification]:KC,RCM,CB,UL,TUV,CCC,BSMI,SAA,PSE,CE,FCC,C-TICK,NOM,cTUVus,GS,etc.
              Meet all related safety standard,Ultra low no-load/standby power consumption,
              meet CEC V,CEC,MEPS,ERP,CoC V5,DoE Ⅵ,ROHS,green power requirements.
              with IEC62368,IEC61558,IEC60335,IEC60950,UL1310,UL62368 Standard.

      AC-DC Adapter 9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter Product Parameters :


      [9V5A AC-DC Adapter Size]: 119*52*34mm
      [9V5A AC-DC Adapter Protection]:Over-voltage Protection, Over-current Protection,
              Short Circuit Protection.
      [9V5A AC-DC Adapter Reliability]:Temperature Rise (Burn-In): 85-95% Load For Each,
              40 ± 5 ℃, 4 Hours.Leakage Current: 0.25mA MAX 254VAC. Insulation
              Voltage (Between The Primary And Secondary): 3000VAC, 60S,10mA MAX .
              MTBF: According to MIL-HDBK-217F Standard, Full Load,
              25 ℃, More Than 50000 Hours.

      AC-DC Adapter 9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter Product Features :


      Well Designed, Lightweight Beautiful Appearance,
      And Competitive Price. Low Empty Load And Standby
      Energy Loss, In Line With The CEC Standard. Ultra-safe Design,
      In Line With Safety Certification Of Different Countries.
      9V5A Adapter Highly Efficient Circuit Design, Stable Performance,
      Low Temperature. Humanity Directed Power Working Status.
      Built-In Anti-electromagnetic Interference Filter.
      Super-Power Supply, Fixed Frequency Control Circuit To Ensure Stability
      ToProvide Continuous Dynamic Long-Term Output Voltage For a Wide Range
      Of Shift Electronic Equipment.

      AC-DC Adapter 9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter Application:


      LCD Monitor 9V5A AC-DC Power Adapter
      LED Lights 9V5A AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      HDD Enclosure 9V5A AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      ADSL AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      DPF AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      Refrigerators AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      Portable DVD AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      Stereo AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      Radio AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      Networking Security System Products Etc AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      Mini PC AC-DC Adapter Power Supply,PDA AC-DC Adapter Power Supply
      LCD Television 9V5A AC-DC Adapter Power Supply

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